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Win up to 90 Euro

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Huge savings with the BONUS CARD!

No marketing trick: now you can save real money! From now on you get for each of your purchases a stamp-entry over 10% discount on your bonus card! When the six fields in your card are full you get the collected discounts deducted from your next purchase.

Best of all, your first coin purchase we credit thrice on your bonus card! That way you have already been purchasing for the first half of the stamps on your card that you need to you to collect your bonus credits! By the way, the credited dicounts on your bonus card are always rounded up to the full Euro in your favor!

Right now you're not logged in, so the status of your bonus card will not be displayed - simply login via the quick login in and you can see the current status of your bonus card.

The promotion is valid up to and including 4/26/2012 11:59:59 PM. Incomplete credit card bonus lose their validity after final action. A cash payment of rebates achieved is not possible. The decision is final.

Buyings undertaken with a voucher can not be credited on your bonus card. You can not redeem your bonus card using the payment systems Payment via Mobile Phone and PaybyCall.

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