These sexy girls will shortly uncover four tits. But do you know which ones?
Pick correctly and win up to 40% bonus coins twice a day!

The rules:
Choose four tits an click on "Uncover". Our sexy Bingo-Girls will show you four tits. For every tit you picked correctly you wil get 10% bonus coins on your next purchase.

Terms and regulations:
Starting Friday, 13.04.2013 until Thursday, 24.04.2013 you can play "Tit Bingo" every 12 hours. Select four tit-fields and click on uncover. 4 randomly chosen tits will be shown to you. For every correct ti-field you get a bonus of 10% on your next purchase. The maximum bonus is 40%. Boni do not accumulate, cash payout is excluded. All boni are vali for 12 hours. The paymentsystems Pay by mobile and PaybyCall are excluded from this offer.
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